For All yoUr seCret muSic NEEds (gmidi) wrote,
For All yoUr seCret muSic NEEds

misSEd datEs with God (the early years)

Leeds - Feb Friday 13th @ The Fenton.

W/ *Ignoranus -Wonderful Grinding three piece
*The Unpleasants - Three? Piece solo act two monkey one-man one MIDI soundcard.
*Bilge Pump - Taking heads meets brainiac ish
*Like A Kind Of Matador Leeds hero’s Rhoads/flute/4m x 1m steel sheeting

All artists on this particular evening are and will be forever complete leaders in their field. The evening reeked of good taste and splendid cologne.
It was very warm .My left hand was bust so tricky to drum. Sir Kit Breaker basically collapsed due to slow haemorrhaging perhaps?

Thanks to Paul & Mcwatt & anybody else involved for laying on such an evening. Food etc.

Feb 17th Liverpool @ Useless

W/ *The Unhealthy – a real Thrash metal band
*Mexico - full on beats, stereo Nord’s

A nice evening filled with polite claps and woo’s etc.
Sets were good from all the bands and well received by all onlookers.
Lost some of my vital my equipment went back to club. No sign gone. Found it moments later in the safe hands of the borders of Mexico.


Sat Mar 13th London @ The Red Room

W/ *Acoustic stuff – some acoustic stuff, the crowd liked it a lot
*Stig – The chemical trumpet queen
*The Naked Goat - violin led loungecore, some very dark keyboard moments

All had very pleasant time in London. It was big STIG’s last gig gig Stig big’s last gig gig. It was quite a strange experience to play to say goodbye to someone. Lovely red velvet room

Equipment faults…

Roland GR 09 - intermittent AC (had to be stripped and re-soldered)
Keyboard pedal - (NON-latch) has become stuck in sustain mode. Needs burning/destroying
Yamaha mono synth - oscillator developed low-end hum.
Full In house P.A. - bass bins completely died, possibly an output fuse, couldn’t be fixed on the night.

Thanks to all involved, obviously to S.O.O.C. for letting us stay over. Plus, many thanks to ‘scary’ Claire for the food.
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