For All yoUr seCret muSic NEEds (gmidi) wrote,
For All yoUr seCret muSic NEEds

laSt COuple 'o JIgs

Thursday 6th may @ the Zanzibar Supporting DAMO Suzuki

W/ Damo Suzuki
*Damo support band from Wales did a slot
Some Band From*LIPA
*The Laze

Well well well we thought, what an ace slot. This could be great we thought, I mean the singer of legendary CAN in the Zanzibar. Sounds fine to me.
We were on very early, The Laze followed

Then as a change to the original evening a band appeared from LIPA and did an “improvised” set. This featured mainly a man with a sculpted beard playing solos using mainly the blues scale on a SG with an array of effect pedals all on at once. There was also a lady ..erm squeaking.

Damo’s support band were ok, Singer possibly liked Thom York etc etc.
Damo set was long, dull, repetitive, repetitive. When he started the room buzzed to see what this man was to perform. You know ‘what’ they were there to see. But alas the band didn’t seem to give as good as Damo and this was reflected in the audiences response. To make matters worse the stage struck aforementioned bearded chap returned to the stage (with frowns firing from the Welsh band) and continued to familiarize himself with the Gibson stroke technique. HATEHATEHATE.

Left after one hour, only guess it went on for the following hour

Equipment faults…

Roland GR 09 - intermittent AC (had to be stripped and re-soldered again)

Faith in Krautrock – had to go home and listen to albums recorded by people hoping to advance their art (it worked)

Sat 8th @ 24/7

*The Bendal Interlude
*Pete smith

Gig in aid of Windmill Foods on Smithdown Rd,
“Right on foods for right on people” etcetc

All good except that we arrived to find no sound engineer, Thank Literally, Thank God for Craig Saguaro (RIP) who helped us and Bendal out this night. The man needs thanking more than once for his help to the a.P.A.t.T. cause. ThankyouThankyou.

Narcosis asked me to help with the sound. Upon doing so I noticed the rig that is in the 24/7 club has broken during the couple of months its been installed.

Narcosis scares the shit out of me. I like them allot.
Have you ever tried to play the drummers beats? No. Neither have I. I can’t even try.

Equipment faults…

Sound craft 16-2 - PFL’s have stopped registering correctly, plus two or three of the channels have developed weaker signals compared to other channels.

May 26th @ the Masque

Dead Monkey night

W/ 747’s
The hand Museum

The gig was booked as *aPAtT, *Mexico and Krautrock
But stuff happened and it became what I saw as a gig for the 747’s.We played at 9:30. This is the earliest we have played a gig in the band since 1997.

Nice friendly crowd. Broken elbow looked like it annoyed the bar staff.
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