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DAtes With GOd

24th January, 2007. 11:19 am. a.P.A.t.T. Jan 2007 update

Havn't bothered on this journal for while but seeing as I can I will. hmmmm.

a.P.A.t.T. have partnered with Leicester based label 'Picked Egg records' to release their forthcoming opus 'Black & White Mass' some time in mid 2007.

The label's roster is genuine quality. Artists like Philadelphia's Need New Body, Chicago-based Bablicon,The Go Team, Pop-Off Tuesday from Osaka, A Hawk and A Hacksaw and Leicester’s very own Volcano the Bear, have tapped rich musical mines, mixing jazz, avant rock surrealism, and a punk rock approach.

The release is just shy of 30 songs and each one has their own purpose and character. If ever music was infectiously likeable and downright indulgent, this was it

A tour is planned across the U.K. in April with plenty of warm up shows.

See website for updated details.

-21st - Leeds, Quack Quack, Cowtown
-22nd - Liverpool, Korova w/ The Kreeps????

-3rd - Leeds, Chinchilla Fest 07 @ Brudenell w/Trencher, Kling Klang,
-17th - Preston?
-19th - Liverpool @ Magnet w/ USA is a Monster, Zukanican, Mammon

April Dates: a.P.A.t.T. w/ Stig Noise, Big Dog Scary

-4th - Edinb, w/Germlin
-5th - Glasgow, w/Germlin
-6th - Leeds. Pollen. Brundenell Scl.
-7th - London Bardens Boudoir.
-9th - BAth, Wookie Hole
-9th - HELP
-10th - Bristol.Noise Annoys. The Junction with No Age (wives)
-11th - Oxford tbc
-12th - Brighton tbc
-13th - Manchester - Fight Club. Retro Bar
-14th - Liverpool Class A Audio.

A shoRt DocumMentARy aBOUt a.P.A.t.T.'s NecK

a.P.A.t.T. s new video -The Blood

a.P.A.t.T.'s last semi-conceptual release is now available for FREE for download.
It is made and inspired entirly from other peoples material right down to the
artwork, and is intended to be danced to.
Just watch the flash vid and at the end it gives you the option to download the


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29th November, 2004. 7:02 pm. Christs-mass gig 7/12/04

A fantastic display of pure grotesque music leading to sheer beauty the likes that have never been seen before in the U.K.

Tuesday December 7th

£2.50 8:00(doors)

dress up as one of the previous themes and get 50p off!!! (horror highschool/ hospital/ cowboys/ ninjas/ all white)

The most daftest band in the universe play upstairs for two hours no less. Buy the album.

it's the night of the living dead good.
the best and only psychobilly band in liverpool.
the bob mould lovin' brothers return with more beauty.
superb ragga-death-house-hardcore.

First band on at 8:30!

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6th October, 2004. 6:54 pm. Check it Yall'


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16th August, 2004. 2:19 pm. FREE SCREENSAVER

thats right free a.P.A.t.T. screensavers available for those that care.

GO http://www.shuzoku.co.uk/apatt/apattscreensaver3.exe

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27th July, 2004. 8:24 pm. Some Stuff from last Couple showsssss

June 2nd @ Chinchilla Fest, Leeds

W/ *Kill Yourself – masks with mics
*Narcosis – The word Grind
*Tigers - Purveyors of the finest homocore
*Many, many other fine bands I didn’t bloody get to see

As always Leeds excels at delivering a rare display of good people, music, food and drink all in the one venue. I think it’s only the second year of this fest and it basically pissed on other shows.

Set up, played, got Tigers new wonderful 7”, went home.

Always a shame when one can’t stay to watch other acts but as a result we get home on time, not drunk, not lost any equipment and in high spirits. Unfortunately no lessons will be learnt from this, and we will adhere to previous mistakes again simply to watch da rock.


July 9th @ Bar Hell


W/ *STIG - Spastic beats vs. Leo theremin
*Ba Ba Luck – Acoustic tales
*Usagi - Well constructed POP/Rock. Lady in charge. Featuring members of *Murder Mile.
*The Immigrants – A child throwing its rattle out the pram with distortion on.

Celebrating how not to have a festival via having a festival.

All ran pretty smoothly really thanks the STIG chaps on the reigns. Bringing their huge rig and spastic beats.

It was nice to meet Ba Ba Luck, ex Ska man for King Prawn. Seems to have a focus on telling stories and revealing parts of his thought process rather than riffs or loops of music.

All in all, a damn good bill for an independent Liverpool music night. The room smelt of success.

a.P.A.t.T. in Holland


July 22nd @ Zwolle, Holland

Due to Van faults, blown tyre on motorway, two tyre replacements in garage, consequently missing ferry resulting in arriving in Holland very late.

We cancelled the fist show.

However in the time we had to wait, we went to Clacton–on-Sea and had a great day at the beach, eating ice creams and so forth. Lovely.

Travelling on the ferry as a bit like the beginning of total recall on the way to Mars.

July 23rd @ Utrecht

In a collective squat type place

W/ *STIG - Good night for dancing
*Some Spanish band

Venue - small, scary, dodgy plugs, ripped us off with 135 Euros.

Still was a great gig to play. Different. To be quite honest we loved the tension in the air as the krusty folk tried to figure out through their drugged haze if they lied aPAtT or not. Majority danced their amphetamine-fuelled legs off.

-Bottles were thrown
-Comments continually shouted.
-One particular wacky man called onion bored the shit out of us with his loud unfounded statements from the time on stage till 11am the next day.
-Spanish band didn’t turn up
-Free booze ‘n bits were given
-Met some lovely friendly people
- Rooftop garden in accommodation!

Utrecht is a fantastic city and will always be a place I want to see again. The architecture is beautiful and it has all the benefits of Amsterdam without the pitfalls of over commercialism.

Our proximity to windmill was about 200 metres.

Thanks must go to Dave, Pierre, Anna,

July 24th @ Alkamaar - The Odeon

W/*STIG – So loud they broke a light with audio
*Chiccas Arribas - Two girls one CD player

Last date of Holland and turned out to be an example night of music / venue / free booze/ well paid / great people/ well appreciated/ free smoke /

The accommodation was occupied during the war and was an assassination place for Jews it would seem. It is now occupied by nice people who have party’s and have turned it into a club cum hostel.

I could easily spend the rest of my life in Alkamaar. It has a city built from many small islands connected via bridges. It is extremely picturesque and a place I must see again.

Thank you particular to G.I. Joe, Derik, Mark, That nice Indian man with white hair, All staff at Venue for being gracious hosts.

Stage was basically falling apart as we played but it lasted.
We only lost our new aPAtT bibs, some smoke, Master Fader’s jacket, oh and the power leads went to London afterwards somehow.

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4th June, 2004. 3:49 pm. laSt COuple 'o JIgs

Thursday 6th may @ the Zanzibar Supporting DAMO Suzuki

W/ Damo Suzuki
*Damo support band from Wales did a slot
Some Band From*LIPA
*The Laze

Well well well we thought, what an ace slot. This could be great we thought, I mean the singer of legendary CAN in the Zanzibar. Sounds fine to me.
We were on very early, The Laze followed

Then as a change to the original evening a band appeared from LIPA and did an “improvised” set. This featured mainly a man with a sculpted beard playing solos using mainly the blues scale on a SG with an array of effect pedals all on at once. There was also a lady ..erm squeaking.

Damo’s support band were ok, Singer possibly liked Thom York etc etc.
Damo set was long, dull, repetitive, repetitive. When he started the room buzzed to see what this man was to perform. You know ‘what’ they were there to see. But alas the band didn’t seem to give as good as Damo and this was reflected in the audiences response. To make matters worse the stage struck aforementioned bearded chap returned to the stage (with frowns firing from the Welsh band) and continued to familiarize himself with the Gibson stroke technique. HATEHATEHATE.

Left after one hour, only guess it went on for the following hour

Equipment faults…

Roland GR 09 - intermittent AC (had to be stripped and re-soldered again)

Faith in Krautrock – had to go home and listen to albums recorded by people hoping to advance their art (it worked)

Sat 8th @ 24/7

*The Bendal Interlude
*Pete smith

Gig in aid of Windmill Foods on Smithdown Rd,
“Right on foods for right on people” etcetc

All good except that we arrived to find no sound engineer, Thank Literally, Thank God for Craig Saguaro (RIP) who helped us and Bendal out this night. The man needs thanking more than once for his help to the a.P.A.t.T. cause. ThankyouThankyou.

Narcosis asked me to help with the sound. Upon doing so I noticed the rig that is in the 24/7 club has broken during the couple of months its been installed.

Narcosis scares the shit out of me. I like them allot.
Have you ever tried to play the drummers beats? No. Neither have I. I can’t even try.

Equipment faults…

Sound craft 16-2 - PFL’s have stopped registering correctly, plus two or three of the channels have developed weaker signals compared to other channels.

May 26th @ the Masque

Dead Monkey night

W/ 747’s
The hand Museum

The gig was booked as *aPAtT, *Mexico and Krautrock
But stuff happened and it became what I saw as a gig for the 747’s.We played at 9:30. This is the earliest we have played a gig in the band since 1997.

Nice friendly crowd. Broken elbow looked like it annoyed the bar staff.

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28th May, 2004. 6:28 pm. okm that it im really sad now ive figured this out

roland juno 60
You are a Roland Juno 60
-You are an analog synth from the 80's who can pump
out bass frequencies like no other
-your anolog sound is treasured by the breakin'
electro kids of the old school
-you are highly respected
-you aren't very high tech and dont like computers
-you can either be a leader or offer great support
when you need to
-you are one of the coolest kids out there

what synthesizer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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18th May, 2004. 8:09 pm. How I long for An intERnet Of my Own..........

well i try to get on this but alas im only here now and again but never the less. still good to stay up late isn't it!

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13th April, 2004. 5:34 pm. misSEd datEs with God (the early years)

Leeds - Feb Friday 13th @ The Fenton.

W/ *Ignoranus -Wonderful Grinding three piece
*The Unpleasants - Three? Piece solo act two monkey one-man one MIDI soundcard.
*Bilge Pump - Taking heads meets brainiac ish
*Like A Kind Of Matador Leeds hero’s Rhoads/flute/4m x 1m steel sheeting

All artists on this particular evening are and will be forever complete leaders in their field. The evening reeked of good taste and splendid cologne.
It was very warm .My left hand was bust so tricky to drum. Sir Kit Breaker basically collapsed due to slow haemorrhaging perhaps?

Thanks to Paul & Mcwatt & anybody else involved for laying on such an evening. Food etc.

Feb 17th Liverpool @ Useless

W/ *The Unhealthy – a real Thrash metal band
*Mexico - full on beats, stereo Nord’s

A nice evening filled with polite claps and woo’s etc.
Sets were good from all the bands and well received by all onlookers.
Lost some of my vital my equipment went back to club. No sign gone. Found it moments later in the safe hands of the borders of Mexico.


Sat Mar 13th London @ The Red Room

W/ *Acoustic stuff – some acoustic stuff, the crowd liked it a lot
*Stig – The chemical trumpet queen
*The Naked Goat - violin led loungecore, some very dark keyboard moments

All had very pleasant time in London. It was big STIG’s last gig gig Stig big’s last gig gig. It was quite a strange experience to play to say goodbye to someone. Lovely red velvet room

Equipment faults…

Roland GR 09 - intermittent AC (had to be stripped and re-soldered)
Keyboard pedal - (NON-latch) has become stuck in sustain mode. Needs burning/destroying
Yamaha mono synth - oscillator developed low-end hum.
Full In house P.A. - bass bins completely died, possibly an output fuse, couldn’t be fixed on the night.

Thanks to all involved, obviously to S.O.O.C. for letting us stay over. Plus, many thanks to ‘scary’ Claire for the food.

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24th March, 2004. 11:49 am. spanish flys

im in spain.
its warm
ive eaten well
the smoke is direct from morocco
ive been to a free music festival


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